Hospital Demolition| Real time Remote Dust monitoring solution

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One of our partners approached Enviro Paul to supply and configure 3 remote dust monitoring stations to assist with tsp particulate monitoring to ensure they complied with NEPC guidelines while a demolition work was being undertaken on the old hospital. NEPC stipulates that ambient outdoor air pollution (PM10 and PM2.5) dust particle mater not exceed 50 μg/m3 per 24 hours. Our Remote Solar powered dust monitoring stations met the criteria as they were portable, equiped with a rechargeable solar powered battery and supports a wide variety of data collection systems.

Carnarvon is about 900km north of Perth and 1461km south of Broome with a population of approximately 4,426. With semi-arid climate dust pollution and tsp particulate concentration monitoring needs be taken very seriously when considering construction and demolition projects.

Client Scope:

Supply of 3 remote PM10 Dust Monitoring Stations for a  Hospital being demolished in Carnarvon for air quality monitoring.

The client brief require real time PM 10 dust data to be sampled every minute logged every 5 minutes and sent to a cloud web site every 15 minutes .

The solution was to pair a YDOC with a TP2510 with a 20W Solar Panel and rechargeable battery 

We chose to use the TP2510 as they measure from 0 to 1000 ug/m3 and have a 4 to 20 mA output and easily configured on the YDOC. Because of the remote location, a portable solar-powered dust monitoring solution was required 

Enviro Paul has been assisting customer all over Australia comply with NEPC time particle concentration measurements guidelines. Get in touch for all you indoor and outdoor environments air pollution control strategies and solutions. We have sales and rentals solutions that are customisable to suit any project.

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