Trolex Air XD Real-Time Dust Monitor

The biggest problem with dust monitors on the market today? They don’t work very well when there’s a lot of dust around.

Which we think kind of defeats the object.

So we developed the Air XD - the world’s first and only open-path, full-spectrum highly accurate, real-time dust monitor for harsh and hazardous environments. 

No filters, no pump, no messing around. Air XD is 5 times more accurate than pre-existing dust monitoring technology, and capable of dealing with 10 times the dust loading. And with a typical maintenance cycle of 6-12 months, you can relax knowing you’re providing the most robust and comprehensive particulate monitoring for your business and employees without the high costs and the hassle associated with older dust monitor models.


The Air XD Difference  

Our dust monitors utilise pioneering safety technology that sets them apart from any pre-existing models. These particulate monitoring systems are designed to make your life easier, save you money and make your business a safer place to work:


No filters, no pump, no messing around 

Air XD has no parts that require service change out. All you need to maintain it is the Air XD Compliance Kit and a spare 20 minutes, typically once every 6-12 months. It’s as simple as that. Your days of changing filters and expensive pumps on your particulate monitors are over.  


dust monitor that’s not afraid of dust

The open-path Air XD sensing system combined with our advanced algorithm means continued particulate monitoring accuracy even in heavy dust loads and complex mixtures. The Air XD stays operational in dust concentrations of 1500mg/m3  – that’s typically 10 times as much as our competitors’ dust monitors.  


Monitor all of the dust, all of the time

You don’t solve a puzzle with only one or two pieces of the jigsaw, so why monitor for only 1 or 2 sizes of dust particulate? Air XD simultaneously monitors every dust particulate from 0.35 to 40µm, continuously and in real time. No more guesswork. Our dust control solutions deliver the complete picture with unrivalled accuracy.  

Save lives, save money  

Reduce maintenance and manpower costs. Deploy PPE, use particulate monitoring to control dust suppression in intelligent ways. Identify process leakages and inefficiency. Reduce health and safety incidences and protect your

business from litigation. The Air XD dust monitoring range is there to save lives, save money and improve efficiency. Get real-time, accurate and comprehensive information that gives you real control over your process and your facility.