Remote Solar Powered water logger at Liontown Lithium Project

by Mar 19, 2024Weather Station, YDOC

Liontown Lithium project lies at the heart of the mining sector and is based in Kalgoorlie. The balance between resource extraction and environmental monitoring is critical; innovative solutions are not just welcome—they’re essential. Nobody knows this better than Enviro Paul, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of environmental monitoring technologies. So when we were contacted to install a groundwater monitoring solution to monitor the bores, we put together a solution designed to stand up to the harsh Australian conditions.

Groundwater Monitoring Installation

Understanding and managing the impact of mining activities on the local groundwater levels is paramount to keeping the project operational at the Liontown Lithium. Enviro Paul has installed state-of-the-art groundwater level monitors in strategic monitoring bores surrounding the site to achieve this.

Solar power water Logger: Endless Monitoring

One of the standout features of this installation is the integration of 1Watt Solar panels, which provide a sustainable and uninterrupted power source to the 26640 LiFePO4 batteries that run the monitoring devices. This feature ensures the monitor can operate remotely and continuously without regular battery replacements or maintenance.

Remote Data Collection and Analysis

Enviro Paul has incorporated a Bluetooth and Barometric accessory board into the monitoring system to complement the solar-powered setup. This addition facilitates remote connection to laptops or Android phones, allowing remote data collection and analysis. Moreover, the inclusion of Barocorrection for Non-Vented Sensors ensures that the data collected is accurate and reliable, accounting for atmospheric pressure changes that could affect groundwater level readings.

Leading the Way in Environmental Monitoring

Enviro Paul’s innovative approach to groundwater monitoring at the Liontown Lithium project exemplifies the company’s commitment as a leader in environmental monitoring solutions. By harnessing renewable energy sources and integrating advanced technological features, Enviro Paul ensures the effective remote monitoring of groundwater levels and contributes to the broader goals of sustainable mining practices.

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