Installation of Rising Stage Samplers at Ken’s Bore for Mineral Resources

by May 7, 2024Rising Stage Sampler

rising stage sampler


When Mineral Resources asked if we could supply and install 17 Rising stage samples at Ken’s Bore to monitor river activity, we went about designing a bespoke system that would allow them the ability to remotely monitor the river water level – i.e. first flush, river flow or event.

The location of Ken’s Bore is remote, and the system needed to be robust, accurate, and reliable.

The solution

As per the image below, we designed each Rising Stage Sampler with a 3-stage inlet spout at 252mm, 752mm and 1252mm, respectively. Each designated inlet is designed to capture the first flush or river flow or event remotely and send the data directly to the Mineral Resources team.

Our Role and Technology

Rising Stage Samplers are crucial for monitoring water levels and collecting water samples in areas where these levels may vary due to natural or industrial factors. Our team designed and manufactured the installed high-quality rising-stage samplers for Ken’s Bore due to their robustness and reliability in dynamic environments. These samplers play a vital role in assessing the impact of mining activities on water bodies, ensuring that operations are conducted responsibly and within environmental compliance frameworks.

The Significance of Installation

The installation at Ken’s Bore is a proactive environmental management approach. By monitoring the water quality continuously, they comply with strict environmental regulations and minimize their ecological footprint.


As we reflect on the successful installation of Rising Stage Samplers at Ken’s Bore, we are inspired by the potential of our technologies to make a real difference. Enviro Paul remains at the forefront of environmental monitoring, constantly seeking new ways to ensure that industries can grow sustainably and responsibly. We look forward to continuing our work and helping our clients meet both their production goals and environmental commitments.

Future Outlook

Enviro Paul is excited about expanding our technologies and methodologies to other projects and industries. Each new project is an opportunity to refine our approaches and broaden our impact, driving forward our vision of offering the highest level of environmental monitoring support in Western Australia, supporting our customers and creating a more sustainable future.

If you have a project that needs consulting, equipment hire or consumables – Get in touch, and we will advise, source or design a solution for your project.


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