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YSI Multiparamenter Meters

The YSI EXO and ProPlus are the right platform for reliable and accurate remote logging or In-Situ profiling.

The EXO family allow readings down to 250m and offer profiling in 50mm Diameter Bores or remote wiped ocean monitoring for precise Bio-Foul free Data. Take the stress out of remote data-collection with the YSI EXO range and break the Sonde Barrier.  


The YSI ProPlus range offer multi parameter logging EC pH COND ORP ISE and TEMP with cable options of 1m 4m 10m  20m 30m or 100m for Optical DO. Fit a flow cell for Insitu Low Flow sampling of bores or profile from a boat. Its tough and rugged for all the knocks and drops that accidently happen in the field 

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