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YS ProODO Dissolved Oxygen Meter


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The YSI ProODO provides traditional YSI quality in a handheld dissolved oxygen instrument with luminescent optical dissolved oxygen (DO) technology. The ProODO utilizes smart digital sensor technology which stores calibration data within the sensor. This allows probes to be placed on any ProODO instrument without re-calibration. 

Probes are sold seperately and range from 1m to and incedible 100m.

The YSI ODO technology reduces the time required for calibrating and maintaining sensors while utilizing a user replaceable sensing element that requires approximately an annual replacement. There are no electrodes to clean or solutions to change. Based on usage, calibrations can be stable for up to one year and are stored in each sensor.

Optical technology also increases DO accuracy and eliminates probe fouling by common gases such as hydrogen sulfide.

 Expanded DO range of 0-500%

  • Non-consumptive luminescent method eliminates the need for stirring
  • Easy to read graphic, backlit display and keypad for use in any lighting condition
  • Compatible field probes are designed to fit in standard 300 mL BOD bottles.
  • An external stir plate may be required to ensure a representative sample.
  • Truly field-worthy, impact resistant, IP-67 waterproof case and connectors
  • Rubber over molded, non-slip case, for extra durability and grip
  • User-replaceable cables in lengths of 1 to 100-meters
  • Cable management kit included with 4-meter and longer cables
  • USB connection allows interaction with powerful desktop Data Manager software
  • Stores 5000 data sets (sensor data, date, time, site and user defined information)
  • Multiple languages include English, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese and German
  • 3-year instrument warranty; 2-year cable and probe warranty


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