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LEVELSCOUT 10m Level & Temperature Logger Cableless 30PSIA


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LevelSCOUT 10m Depth Range

The Seametrics Cableless LevelSCOUT is great almost anywhere you need to measure level and temperature—whether it be in a lake, a tank, or a well.

A level and temperature sensor with integrated datalogging, this sensor is constructed with 316 stainless providing highly accurate readings in rugged and corrosive field conditions.



  • Measures level, temperature, and time
  • Thermally compensated—great where water temperatures vary, such as in streams or industrial tank applications
  • ± 0.05% FS
  • Low power—4.5 year battery life
  • 316 stainless steel, fluoropolymer, and acetal construction (titanium optional)
  • Modbus® RTU protocol—for great flexibility
  • Includes Aqua4Plus and Aqua4Plus Litecontrol software
  • Small diameter—0.875″ (2.22 cm)


  • Non-volatile memory—your data will not be lost in the event of a power failure
  • Integrated datalogger collects up to 50,000 records
  • Pause logging feature—temporarily pause the logging while repositioning or transporting sensor
  • Delayed start feature—state a specific future start time, making it easy to set several sensors to start at the same time

Cabling & Networking

  • Wireless connectivity
  • RS485 network—allows several sensors to be networked together and provides much longer cable leads
  • Field-serviceable connectors—easily remove the connector, route cable through well seals, walls, or conduit, and then replace connector
  • Available cableless or with a user attachable PU or ETFE cable


  • Comes with free Aqua4Plus and Aqua4Plus Lite control software to get you up and running immediately
  • View your data in real-time
  • Easy export to spreadsheets and databases
  • Barometric compensation utility
  • Update sensor via firmware while in the field—great for future updates


  • Site assessments
  • Tidal studies
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Surface water discharge measurement
  • Aquifer level monitoring
  • Aquifer storage & recovery


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